Share photos for free without hassle in just a minute

The ability to create new rooms has been temporarily disabled. The reason is that we plan to make a major upgrade and move to other servers, and do this with our users in focus so that they do not risk losing their photos. Already created rooms are still available and uploaded images can still be downloaded

Create a room

No registration is required. Just choose a name for your room and create. Yes, it's that simple to get started. No complicated forms or unnecessary information is required.


You now have a room for sharing your photos. The room will have a specific link for gaining access and it is up to you who you share it with. Only people with the unique link to the room can see, upload and download photos.


After you have created a room and uploaded your photos, it's time to share them. Just copy the link to the room and share it with the people of choice. Only those who receive the unique link will have access to see, upload, and download photos in the room.