Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Connecting Photos

We have all been in situations where everyone takes photos, and promise to share them later but often it’s too complicated and time-consuming, so they don't. Other services require registration, E-mail can only handle a certain amount of photos, social media destroys picture quality and you usually need to be friends with them on the social network. USBs and CDs are outdated and you don’t know when you will meet up again. In other words, there are no quick and easy ways to share photos. Until now!

What is Connecting Photos?

What is not Connecting Photos?

Is Connecting Photos really free of charge?

Yes, Connecting Photos is completely free of charge

How secure is Connecting Photos?

How long will the photos be available?

Your photos and your "room" will be available for 30 days. Your "room", and related photos, will automatically be deleted from our servers when the time expires.

Can I upload any kind of photos?

The content of your photos is completely up to you as long as it does not contain illegal material. For example if you want your photos to have watermarks, that is up to you.

Please send the "room" link through the feedback form in the main menu if you come across any illegal activities on Connecting Photos. Admin have full rights to access and delete any illegal material.

Can I upload videos?

Only photos are supported at the moment, but we are planning to support video in the future.

I am missing a feature or have found a bug

Please send us an e-mail through the feedback form in the main menu.